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Isolating glass – production line

WS 800/3

Glasses for passive house
Our insulating glass production line WS 800 / 3

Wash and draying the glass.
Gas filling, pressing of insulating glass units.
So far, the machine was in the past designed for 2-double glass and 3-triple glass- max. 34 mm of glass pressed insulating glass unit. 

Now the machine can  produce 4-5 multi glass.

Insulating glass units are available up to a thickness of 120mm.


Washing with higher temperature

Due to the fact that some
condensation water by washing temperature over 40°C,  we offer optional the drive elements for example the v-belt pulley for the brushing drive in stainless steel.


Photovoltaic glass washing machine

Photovoltaic glass washing machine for Substratglass and Coverglass in 1700mm working delivered.

(Large picture follows)

The inlet of the glasswashing machine with view at the polish agent preparation tank.

Change waterfilter, and ventilator of the walking zone at the ventilator platforrm.

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